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Our Company

Co-located with Coldwell Banker Advantage, Executive Properties was originally founded in 2008. Our professional management team offers decades of experience encompassing nearly every aspect of the real estate business. We have worked hard to build an innovative business model that blends the highest level of service and management style to our homeowners and their tenants.

Our Mission

army man running to sonThe mission of Executive Property Management is to seek out and create efficiencies that ultimately save our homeowners time and money while increasing the value of their investment property. After all, part of your reason for hiring us as your professional property management firm is to reduce your time and stress!

Don’t settle for a management company that can only do part of the job. With many of our property owners being military and living overseas, they rely upon us to handle all of their rental property needs be it something simple like finding a new gardener or something more complex like roof replacement. Regardless of your goals, your property manager should share your vision and values working diligently to stay on top of any maintenance, tenant, safety, or other issues which may arise.

The success and reputation of Executive Properties is built upon the principles of fair and ethical conduct of our employees and contractors. Our reputation for integrity and excellence requires careful observation of the letter of property management laws and regulations as well as an intense regard for the highest standards of personal integrity.

The continued success of Executive Property Management is dependent upon the trust of our clients, and we are passionately dedicated to preserving that trust.

It is our goal to continue being a leader in Goldsboro/Seymour Johnson AFB/Wayne County rental home industry while providing the highest level of service to our homeowners and their tenants.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, you can rely on Executive Property Management to handle all of your wants and needs. Executive Property Management provides quality property management services for the Goldsboro/Wayne County area.